Your Lifework: Inspiring Messages
and Guidance for you!

What is your lifework? Our lifework is about paying attention to our being and soul-work as well as the material work we do in everyday life.

Many people today seek deeper meaning in their life and work.
The good news is – what you seek is within you!

Our site offers inspirational messages and guidance for you… calling you to reconnect with your true self, your gifts and your lifework. How do we connect with our true selves and our gifts when often, we are amidst busy, stressful lives?

We Begin Within Teresa Proudlove
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At we offer inspirational short stories guiding you to live your life from the inside out. You’ll be encouraged to stop fighting ‘what is’ in your life and instead, accept your precious self and life as it is now. Inner peace can blossom here.

Starting with small steps - like trusting we have our answers within and; that we are OK right here, right now – can help us shift from daily angst toward more peace and acceptance in our lives.

Your lifework is about trusting your own knowing… about finding your own way of communicating with God (the God of your understanding and knowing). It is about returning to God, our True Self, soul, the very ground of our being over and over in each moment.

Our site is not about religion or New Age-ism. It is about realizing each of us is a spark of the divine with deep knowing and gifts we are called to express!

Words of Spiritual Encouragement

Do you ever feel cut off from your guidance – or wonder where to start? Yourlifework offers words of words of spiritual encouragement assuring you, you are not alone. Also we offer simple practices that can transform your life regardless of religion or beliefs.

Inspirational Messages for Work

Throughout life most of us need to work. Yet, we wonder how to choose a career which is also meaningful work?

For starters, you could read “Avoid the Dream Killers,” an article I wrote after fifteen years of leading thousands of people through my career-change workshops. We must begin our career search from within and trust we DO have gifts the world needs us to express!

Want to know your calling, mission, and passion? You do know! In many ways you express your calling, your mission, and your passion in every day life. Finding your passion is a matter of looking deeply and seeing what has always been in your life.

Teresa Proudlove

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"Teresa, I love your newsletter. You're a voice of wisdom and compassion." Dennis

Thank-you. Only yesterday I was feeling quite low. Not anymore after reading this e-zine... God-Bless you, Gloria Teresa Proudlove, Platinum Author

Hi, Teresa! Great site! You're doing good things for people, I can see it! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you to spread your message. My work is similar in vein. Best regards, Pam Garcy, Ph.D.; author: "The Power of Inner Guidance"

"Website of the Week:
This is a beautiful place to go to read the wonderful words of an inspirational lady called Teresa Proudlove. Great name. Great instruction."Tony Cuckson

Teresa: I discovered your wisdom in a recent issue of "Healing Garden" magazine published here in Michigan, USA. Your article is a gift I will long cherish and benefit from. Bless you. Jeff